90-Day Guaranteed Program

sold in 90 days ross haigler group

90-Day Guaranteed Sale Program

with The Ross-Haigler Group at Keller Williams Realty!

Does the stress of putting your home on the market and waiting on a buyer hold you back?  The experienced team of licensed REALTORS with The Ross-Haigler Group at Keller Williams Realty have a new solution to assist in moving you forward to your next home quickly…guaranteed! Our 90-Day Guaranteed Sale Program will help you:

  • Evaluate your home at the current market value and set an offer price that is mutually agreed upon before the listing contract is signed.
  • Reduce the stress of the home buying process by knowing that your current home is sold.
  • Immediately make an offer on your future dream home without hesitation concerning your current home’s status on the market.
  • Diminish the possibility of owning 2 homes at one time…or no home at all!

Program Details At-a-Glance

  1. Onsite evaluation and comparable market analysis of your home by our experienced team of REALTORS
  2. Pricing structure review and discussion with all available options – including written offer
  3. List Your Home! And, rest assured that you will be moving in 90 days…or less!

Other Questions?

  • Are you obligated to the Guaranteed Sales Program? No, we will review all pricing structures in depth prior to determining which program will work best for your home and situation.
  • Is there a catch? Will you really buy our home? No catch – The Ross-Haigler Group, or a team of our investors will REALLY buy your home.
  • Will you buy any home? Not all homes will qualify for The 90-Day Guarantee Program. We will discuss available options upon completing the onsite evaluation and comparable market analysis.
  • Will this program work for me? Even if you have more questions and aren’t sure if this program is the right fit for your home and situation, contact us to explore further options. We work with many clients and investors that are in the market for purchasing homes.


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